Sunday, May 13, 2012

Alma and Nico

These  are the drawings of Nico and is daughter Alma. Nico was co-organiser of this sketchcrawling event, and he convinced his daughter to join him. She made one of the most original contributions to the crawl: Bert and Ernie. These puppets were sitting on the windowsill of the large windowpanes of the Glaspaleis; and as we could not go outside because of the horrible weather, she decided that they were a fitting subject for a nice drawing. Here is your proof that there is always something interesting to draw.

Nico also made a drawing of the old Royal movie theater, one of the oldest surviving movie theaters in the Netherlands.
Tekeningen van Nico (mede orginisator) en zijn dochter Alma. Alma had het meest originele onderwerp van de crawl gevonden: Bert en Ernie. Deze poppen zaten op de vensterbank van het Glaspaleis. Bewijs voor de stelling: er is altijd iets interessants te vinden om te tekenen.
Nico heeft, behalve tekeningen van de Bongerd en de pancratiuskerk, ook nog een mooie impressie van het Royal filmtheater gemaakt, zie de onderste tekening. 

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